Pond News Editions

Date Title
Pond News August 2005
Welcome to the August Edition of the Pond News. This Month: We show you how to select the right Water Feature based on the basic design elements of your garden. We have provided a list of garden styles and suitable water features to help you along. more...
Pond News July 2005
Welcome to the July Edition of the Pond News. This month: We show you how to get and maintain good water quality in your pond or water feature. A healthy pond is essential for all aquatic life and is easily achieved by following these basic principles. more...
Pond News June 2005
Welcome to the June Edition of the Pond News. This month: Do you know what water restrictions currently exist in your state and how they apply to your water feature? Here we help guide you through water gardening in the drought. more...
Pond News April 2005
Welcome to the first edition of The Pond News. This month: Water Features Online announced as major sponsor to Ozpond 2005 national water gardening symposium. Join us for a lecture on Australian Native Waterlilies by Dr Barre Hellquist during Ozpond 2005. more...